murrr, I might be going to Target tomorrow (pray for me) so was this display in the stationary section or the office section? End cap or aisle?

If I go I'll give it a look-see.
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No. it was in the women's clothing section in these green circular bins that contained other metallic accessories like coin purses and stuff, they were around during the holidays. They took it down at the one target i went to, but the one closer to me still has the bin shelf thing but no planners.

I even looked in the stationary planner section and they have a JOURNAL that looks like it, but it's not a planner.

Idky target wouldn't sell them online if they knew they would end up being a hot commodity, trifflin ass target! I even looked in the clearance section but no luck.

I didn't buy it at the time I saw it which was around Christmas because I assumed they would keep them around since it's not like 2013 was ending or something.

I found identical ones online that are 70-90 dollars made of leather. ain't nobody got time for that.