In forever-alone news, the other day someone else offered to read my palm. When I laughed and told him how my friend said I had no love line, he looked at it and basically went "huh, you have a very interesting hand". Translation: FOREVER ALONE!
He agrees that I will indeed have money. Still waiting on that one. That winning lottery ticket can fall out of the sky any day now.
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reminds me of what happened to me about 10 years ago. after breaking up with my ex-GF of 5 years i flew to Baton Rouge to vacation with my friend. we went to New Orleans and saw a street palm reader. first she said for me to make good money i have to go far away. then i asked her about my love life and she proceeded to scrunch her face and said,"I'd stay away from relationships for awhile." eight years later i meet/divorced my ex-wife. i should have asked her to clarify how "far" and "awhile."

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