I started doing BS/ACV washes in the beginning, but it didn't really work for me. I still do the ACV rinses by adding it to my RO.

I tried the deva NP and OC, and did not like them. Granted it was at my actual devacut, so it was only that one time. And I think it was more the OC than the NP. It just left my hair feeling coated and really gunky. I couldn't wait to wash it.

I use FSG after LI/oil, and before gel. But I have to say, I'm almost liking the SM soufflé more right now. It has flax in it, but it just seems to be working better for me lately. Maybe it's the winter weather, idk. I just don't seem to get as much much hold with the FSG, or at least not as long lasting hold. I had a lot more frizz by the end of the day. But to be fair I haven't done enough comparing to make a real judgement. I'll have to experiment more. It could have been that I didn't use enough gel, or used too much condish, or some other factor.

But I do love my FSG! I use it almost like a curl enhancer/clumping product.
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Geez, we really are hair twins. I used the low-poo about a year ago. I bought the deva curl hand dryer attachment thing (a salon in the mall still had them so I bought it, I dont think they even sell them alone anymore). It came with the product and my hair hated hated HATED it. It was awful. But, I want to try the SM stuff.
I am just at my breaking point. I straightened today because I am just sick of it. ugh.where do you get your renpure? what kind is it? I 've never seen that anywhere.
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