I don't know if you do that already, but I would stop using sulfates (even the gentle lather sulphates)&silicones. And indeed, a lot of moisture and prote´n. Do you already use a leave-in conditioner and a sealant?

If your hair is damaged that much because of the bleaching, it is maybe a good idea to stop, or limit that. It might be a better idea that you switch to highlighting instead of touch up the whole regrowth. Highlights can be done once in 3, 4 months (you don't see the regrowth too much), while touching up the regrowth has to be done every 4-6 weeks. You can also add some low lights in the blond part, so that it will look more natural. You can also ask the stylist to dye your hair in your natural collor, but most of the time that doesn't really work out very well.

But, the very best option for your hair is probably that you get rid of all the damaged hair, and stop bleaching,heat&shampoo FOREVER. Yes, that's hard, and your hair is looking a little akward for some time. But in the end you'll probably be more happy with your hair then ever before.
highlighted 3a hair. Fine strands, medium to high density. Probably high porosity. Growing uit bad layering and aiming for waist lenght!

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