there are a couple of things you can do. I have been natural for 10 years, I am 25 now. when I was 18 my hair wouldn't go past my shoulder length and I kept wondering why. this is what helped me:

- trim my hair when necessary
- co wash my hair only , shampoo once a month
- religiously do the GHE METHOD. (greenhouse effect method)
the greenhouse effect method grew my hair an inch a month and now I am at tail bone length. try the GHE METHOD and you probably will get great results . all I do is, on dry to damp hair, apply olive oil to my ends. NOT SCALP. I put on two plastic caps, then two silk scarves. I do this every night. and this is basically it. you will know if you're doing right by looking in the shower cap the next morning and you should see water droplets. the water droplets are the proof of the greenhouse effect. you will also know that you're doing it right by feeling your hair in the morning, (if you don't see water droplets), if your hair is warm and streamed, you know it's working. you can also go to to see more info. I hope this v works.