Cool! So, what exactly does amla and brahim do?

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Hesh Amla Powder Promotes hair growth - Controls hair fall - Cures scalp infection - Controls premature graying of hair -Can be used to cleanse and tone skin from excess dirt -Can be added to Henna instead of other acids for dye release -Helps clear acne and reduce blackheads

Hesh Brahmi Powder has the following advantages: - Cools the scalp and induces sound sleep - Controls dandruff - Makes hair long, dark, Dense & lustrous -Strengthens hair roots -Reduces Hair fallout and thinning

Btw this is straight from the site

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Have you seen any results with these things? If so what are they?[/QUOTE]
Yes! The best result is that it decreased my shedding..this iss after just one treatment! Other benefits are elongated hair. I have also noticed growth

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My hair LOVES oil

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