It's not quite the same thing but when I worked at a beading store about a decade ago, the people who made jewelry calculated $5 for every hour of labor and doubled the cost of materials when pricing. They also factored in the price of comparable items and the difficulty of making the piece into the final price.
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This. come up with a formula and don't forget to add in a buffer for wholesale orders (10-30%). If someone asks for a bulk quantity with a discount, you want to be able to give them a break in price
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Thank you, ladies! I cannot tell you how helpful
this has been. I am selling locally right now. I have several orders from students and teachers at my son's school. I am charging about $15 for students and $20 for adults. I am keeping the prices low as I'm learning more and improving.

Better stock = prices will go up $10-$15 more.

I am sticking with hats and scarves for now. I plan to pre-made solid color beanies and scarves (red, white, black, grey....) and will make what characters people want and add matching fringe to the scarves. I want to have a good stock pile of basic designs so I am not making as I receive orders. It should save time.

Thank you Scrills. I cannot thank you enough. I need some curlie volunteers who would like to be test subjects. Free hat or scarf for some good advice or constructive suggestions.??

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