Coffee - not just Starbucks but k-cups, bags of coffee, travel mugs, coffee machines, whatever I see that I might like. I love coffee.
Nail polish - I think I average a new one at least once a week
Shoes/boots - I have a lot less than a lot of people but I rarely buy a shoe that is under $100. The ladies I work with are constantly buying cheap shoes so they have a lot to rotate through. I would rather have a few (or quite a few) that last
Food - we eat out a lot, we are trying to be better about that in the new year. Also I pretty much buy whatever I want for little regard to price. I really need to stop that. I do try to bring lunch to work but eat out during the work week at least once. Also I splurge on kitchen things like expensive pans, gadgets, knives, etc. but I don't know why because I'm not a great cook.
Clothing and shoes for my child - I am always buying her stuff, not just because she grows out of it. Toys are my husband's thing. I tend to be the book buyer.

Those are the big ones. Most of the ladies I work with buy clothes, shoes, accessories, get their hair and nails done on a very regular basis. I am low maintenance in that respect. I have had 3 pedicures and 1 manicure in my life. I did buy a bunch of clothes when I was in the US a month ago but otherwise I'm a clearance rack shopper and don't shop all that frequently. That could be why I hate most of my wardrobe.