Oh. My. Goodness. I've used eco styler gel since i discovered this website and recently aussie instant freeze gel. And occasionally the 3 in 1 conditioning mousse, but always paired with the gel because it didn't do it for me alone. So i pretty much knocked mousses after that. BUT at Walgreens we were having this amazing sale on Tresemme products so...i decided to try the flawless curls mousse...and it was amazing. I got out the shower, let my hair sit in a tshirt while i did my makeup (15 min) applied tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner, then just scrunched in this mousse and sprayed a little hairspray (which i never do, but i was paranoid the mousse wouldn't give any hold so i sprayed it lol.) And WOW. It dried a little while later and i had gorgeous frizz free spirals. Waaay curlier than they normally are if that's even believable considering my hair is already very curly. All my coworkers, even guys were asking what id done to it. So, I'm gonna try this routine again on Sunday, and see how it goes. I went back and picked up a couple more bottles of the mousse, and the flawless curls conditioner that I'll also be using Sunday and the tresemme humidity hairspray i believe it's called? The black and light blue can. They didn't carry a hairspray in the curls line at my store. Anyways, lol i rant. Anybody else have reviews? Let me know. Oh and btw, I have second day hair. Looks just about as good as yesterday!

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