So I have been waiting to meet this one guy for two months! (We had two other dates planned but things came up and, in general, we've both been busy.)

And we're finally supposed to be going out tonight.

He is the one who seems like a great catch and is my exbf's former supervisor.

Anyway, the plan is that he will be taking me to see Django and then out to dinner.

So we were talking last night and he told me that he just got promoted at work (as of yesterday).

He's really into his career and I can tell this promotion is a big deal to him.

So should I take him out tonight (our first date) instead of letting him take me?

Or maybe I could pay for dinner and he could pay for the movie?

Normally, I have a very strict expectation that the guy pays for the first few dates...just on general principle and also after a few bad experiences w/ cheap or broke men.

But I don't mind making an exception, in this case, to celebrate the good news with this guy...if I can bring it up w/o it seeming awkward for setting a bad precedent.

The guy seems a bit traditional and like a man's man, so I'm not sure how he would take it anyway.

What would you do?