Hi all....I am mostly a lurker because for a while I felt like I had this curly hair thing down. But lately that hasn't been the case.

Background: I have been using the same products to wash and condition my hair. I have alao been using the same styling products which I rotate. Wash & condish: Giovanni TTTT poo, Natures Gate hemp condish, AO GBP, GVP conditioning balm, and Repair Me as a PT. STYLING: CJ cccc lite, AF gel, LASLGEL , CJ SG, SheaM LI. I rotate these...have been using them for years.

My hair: fine but lots of it...3a...med porosity...seems to love protein.

Ok....now to the issue...the last 6 months I would hit points where all of a sudden my hair would look stringy coated limp and greasy...no new products...just literally happened all of a sudden. It would happen every 6 weeks or so. So I ended up purchasing the repair me becauseit seemed like my hair was overconditioned. And the repair me worked. ..wonderfully at first. But now for the past 2 months even the repair me wasnt working. ...neither was acv rinses. I have only been using the AO GPB and NG Hemp condish because they r protein heavy because I thought tjats what I needed because the symptoms were what overconditioned hair would be. Well none of this has been working. I even washed with sulfate shampoo because I was desperate. Still my hair loiks over conditioned.

The only thing I have been doing different since this all started 6 months ago was to use foam hair color...could that be it? I have been coloring my hair for years but always with cream.

Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
2b/3A/ Fine/Med Porosity (i think)
Mod CG
Currently Using:
Cleanser: Kathymack soap bars, Giovannie TTTT
Rinse Out: CJ Curl Theory, Aussie 3 Min Miracle, Giovanni 50:50, Jasmine's Shea, Sevi Pumpkin Seed
Leave Ins: Jasmines Babasu Buttercream, CJ CALI (HG), Jasmines Shea, CJ BCLI
Stylers: CJ CCCC-Lite, Komaza CHP, SS CEJ, CJ SG
Gels: CJ AF (HG), HEBE (HG)