Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird for L'Oreal to put the models' ethnicities in the True Match commercials? The first time I saw it I caught it from the corner of my eye and it was gone in a flash. So I thought maybe I misread. But today I saw "100% Puerto Rican" in the corner of JLo's commercial. How odd. Besides saying 100% Puerto Rican is like saying 100% Black (ok not really but). Both groups are highly mixed.
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I always thought it was a way to show how ~diverse~ the people who could/use their products are since most drugstore only have lightest beige, light beige and beige as their color choices. So they're going SEE! SEE! IF YOU'RE BLACK YOU CAN USE THIS! IF YOU'RE PUERTO RICAN YOU CAN USE THIS!! WE CATER TO YOUUUUU!
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Oh yeah that's almost definitely the reason behind it IMO. I get that. I just think it's a strangely direct way to go about it.

I thought that was odd too....espically the one for Beyonce.
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What does the one for Beyonce say?

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