Hi everyone! I've been reading here for a few months now and after seeing amazing photos and good advice all over the boards, I finally decided to register. You all are so fantastic and supportive!

I have 3b curls, I'm 42 years old and I've loved my curls since I figured out how to take care of them when I was in college. I just recently started the CG method after chopping off most of my just below shoulder length hair. I thought it needed a drastic cut to bring back my coils, when it just needed no more silicone/sulfates and lots more moisture! Ah well, lesson learned. I'm growing it out again and loving how healthy it looks.

BTW, my 15 year old daughter is a curly girl, too. She's 2c/3a with gorgeous MBL locks.
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Hello! Glad to have you! Good luck with the CG method let us know how that's going as time goes on! And shout out to your curly daughter! She can stop by our Curly Teens thread if she wants
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