It kind of made light of a serious issue, but for the pure entertainment value, it wasn't bad. I tried to look at it in the same way I looked at Inglorious *******s.

It did drag on in places. It could have been 1/2 hour shorter, and still had the character development, fight scenes, and important stuff, in my opinion.

While I wasn't bothered by the use of the N word (it was used at the time), I do think they probably over-used it.

Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx acted out their parts very well. Christoph Waltz was good for the character he was portraying. I was less thrilled by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The explosion at the end would have been smaller with the amount of dynamite. Remember that these weren't gas heated houses, so there's no gas line to blow up. Even the inclusion of the lamp oil wouldn't have made it THAT BIG of an explosion. But hey, people love their gigantic explosions, so they can have it. *shrug*