I think he almost had to put crazy jokes in it because 1 it's a Tarantino film and 2 he had to somehow balance the brutalness of slavery and help assauge any guilt members of the audience may have. Kind of why slavery movies almost always have one good white person in them.

What I liked about Dr. Schultz is he starts off thinking he knows everything about brutality and realizes that he was really only seeing the tip of the iceberg of slavery's brutality.

I thought Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job. He gets better and better with age.

Every time I mention this movie to my office mate (even before I saw it) she changes the subject. LOL

I almost did not go see this movie because I knew it was going to be a Tarantino slavery movie. But I did not have as much hesitation to see Inglorious Basterds.....and that's when I knew I should go see Django Unchained.

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