This forum is fabulous. I am glad to know it is not just me.

Even though I do not want to rake overall because of breaking up clumps I may try raking just in the back because just like flippalicious it is hard for me to reach that area and it tends to receive less product than the front of my hair even though I style with my head dipped and my hair fanned out in front of me. Maybe because my cut is awkward even though it is not short. I don't know. Or maybe it is because the hair on the back of my head is constantly brushing against my clothes and back while it dries which might break the gel cast. This is just a guess. Let me know if it that sounds reasonable.

So what is super soaking? Nevermind I just did a search and found a link. Gosh that seems like a lot of work to me especially waiting for it to dry because I don't blowdry my hair. I have a blowdryer of course but the diffuser sucks since the bowl is small and not very deep. Plus my hair doesn't take too long to air dry so I tend to do it that way. I also have been meaning to get around to buying a bigger diffuser though. Laziness!

Naaomiij I really like the idea of sectioning my hair before I style. It makes sense. That is what I have to do when I straighten it. Eight sections. Not kidding. Eight. That is how big my hair gets when I brush it out before straightening. When it is sopping wet I guess I could do four. Or maybe three and I could leave the back as one and try to rake that monster so she stays in place doggonit!

Corrina so I take it you don't use one yourself? About this denman brush, what makes it so different denman fans? I looked it up and it doesn't look like anything special or that would create clumps. I personally am of the mindset that I don't want to brush my hair anymore but I guess I'll look into it.