You know how good it feels sometimes to have strangers compliment your hair out of the blue? Well, do you find yourself on the giving end of that, spontaneously complimenting curly strangers when you're in public? What's the usual (or unusual) reaction you get from them?

I've noticed positive reactions. I love the sheer pleasure of looking at so many wonderful heads of curls and coils, and it just gets the best of me sometimes and I have to say something Anyone else do this?
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I publicly compliment everyone! Complete strangers over anything and everything flattering if it so strikes me. I think it is part of making this world a friendlier place. If you think something kind, why not voice it? So if I see someone holding a cute handbag or rocking good hair or if that person happens to look like someone famous and attractive I point it out. Not only do you feel good about making someone else happy and not hogging that positive energy to yourself, you also might make a friend or strike up a conversation. You have to be careful with men though, I've noticed. Some of them can mistake a passing compliment and a friendly smile as a come on.