I had straight, fine hair my entire life. After a long illness that included hair loss, my hair grew back very thick and wavy. I decided to combat this for ten years by blowing my hair out and using a flatiron. Every day for ten years.

A friend told me about CG about a year ago and I told her that she didn't understand; I didn't have hair that could be viewed by humans in its natural state. I bought some Deva products and used them...while still blowing and straightening my hair.

A little over a week ago I realized that my career is too busy to spend an hour on my hair every morning; my six kids demand a lot of my time too! So I stopped straightening. Amazingly, no one screamed in horror when they saw me. I've been using Loreal Sulfate Free something or other, the shampoo and conditioner. Then I just put suave mousse in it. Attached are Day one and Day 8 of not straightening. I also included one from before I started, with hair blown out and curled (the last picture).

I'm going to Ulta tomorrow. My hair is very thick and I think it's 2b right now. It does tend toward being greasy, but it has a lot of volume because it's so thick. What do you recommend that I purchase?
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