Hi all
I've been reading these forums on and off for years looking for curly hairdressers in Sydney. As others have mentioned, I tried Element in Woollahra once but didn't love it. (It was OK, not a total disaster, but not great). I found Orla Quinlan in Surry Hills by going up to a girl on the street with a funky short do and asking where she got her hair done! Orla is fantastic, really knows curly hair, and I went a few times but it's expensive and one of those fancy salons where they bring you tea, which isn't my scene. She does a cute cut where the curls are longer at the front around your face and shorter at the back, but after a while I wanted something edgier - I was thinking to try shaved at the back - but when I asked her, she kind of did the same cut she always does.
Anyway by chance I have found a fantastic Japanese guy in Marrickville who gives me the funky curly haircut I've always wanted but never found! It's shaved at the back but longer at the front and on top. He knows curly hair, cuts it dry without you having to request that, and cuts individual curls. He thins it a bit, and knows how to make it look funky. He rents a chair in an African salon called Serengeti and it's far cheaper than the fancy salons. If you want an edgier, more 'Newtown' look which you never thought was possible with curls, go to Taka! He's at 407 Illawarra Road.