I LOVE the coconut cowash. It cleans my hair but leaves it feeling soft and moisturized. I also use their curl clarity and curling jelly. The curl clarity does clarify well, and you can definitely feel it when you use it. The curling jelly dries with no flaking for me, but I wish it controlled my frizz just a bit more. However, I have always had frizz with any products I've used. The hydration elation didn't really do anything for me when I used it as a deep conditioner, so I'm still looking for a good one. I have 2c, fine and low porosity, which makes my hair so difficult to please because everything weighs it down and nothing gets absorbed and it takes my hair about 4 hours to dry naturally :-/ but overall I will definitely keep using the 3 products i mentioned, and next I want to try the leave-in conditioner.