I give compliments all the time. I love when I get compliments, especially when I'm asked if I'm wearing a wig or a weave. The look on their face after I say no is priceless.

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Funny! Do any of them take it further and ask how you get it to look "that way" (fishing for instructions)? Do any of them act like they think you're lying?
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I compliment other curlies all the time! I love how it feels when others compliment something about you (especially if you haven't always embraced it), and I want to put the positive vibes back out there.

Just yesterday, I was picking up new glasses and the technician complimented me on my curls and asked me if i used one of those curling wands to get it like that. I said actually it's natural. She was like, "Please don't tell me that!!" LOL
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