yay!I'm excited for you. I'm new to this site and as soon as I figure out how Rob upload it I will
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Thank you just to let u know my attempt was unsuccessful. No droplets in the morning i can think of a few reasons why this happened so imma try to do it all day since im stuck @ home.

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Did you use 2 plastic caps and cover it with a satin/silk scarf? And you can lightly spritz your hair before your cover it. Remember to oil your ends only with a natural oil before you put the plastic cap on. Make sure there is no extra product in your hair before you do this. Example: no leave in conditioner or conditioner.
Also shampoo your hair first so your hair is product free.. Remember:

The only moisturizer your going to need is Water. Then seal your ends only with oil. Cover hair with 2 plastic caps then cover your plastic caps with the scarf at least 1 hr to overnight. I usually do my ghe while I sleep. Try doing it before bed and sleep with it on. Hope this helps
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I didnt spritz b4 hand,nor did i shampoo my hair im sure thats where i went wrong. So just a few mins ago i attempt @ this again but i modified it alot please let me know what u think:

I applied warm mix oil to my scalp (coconut oil,jamacan black castor oil,& jojoba oil) then put on a plastic cap and sat under my hair steamer for abt 20 mins. Then i kept the cap on and put a grocery bag over that.lastly i put my bonnet over that now im headed to bed. This feel alot better than last nites treatment i applied these oils bc they promote growth. I will rinse out tom. And do what you say the rest of the week. I will try to do this at least 3x weekly and the oil treatment once.

Eta: i just turned this into a hair growth challenge on the growing out forum!

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