Hey all,

currently i am participating in 2 growth challenge on here (2 months protective styling challenge & 2013 true waist length challenge). This challenge is to help achieve better results.

I purchased a hair steamer last year and because its the huge home one it has been in the box for sake of saving space. Anyway, i managed to get 2 uses out of it which is silly for all the money i spent on it ($89) not to mention this item has been on my wish list since i BC in 2009.So here are the benefits:

"According to Diane DeCosta and many others the benefits of steam conditioning are the following: - Better Circulation in Scalp leading to better hair growth - Cleanses Scalp, removing dirt and dead skin - Brings moisture to your Roots and hair shaft - Leaves your hair soft and smooth - Great for Dandruff Sufferers - Stops Dryness and Hair Breakage by outer layer of the hair shaft with moisture, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeply into the cuticle layer. - Makes hair stronger and healthier - Improves Hair Color Treatments - Can also act as a Facial Steamer - It is especially good for those with locs, natural hair, and color-treated hair - Helps Seal in Moisture to help reduce breakage (MANY ladies complain about ENDLESS Dryness on their Tresses) - Helps with reversion on natural hair."


1. Start immediately

2. Apply warm mix oil to scalp (my mix is coconut oil,jamacan black castor oil,& jojoba oil) then put on a plastic cap and seat under hair steamer for abt 20 mins. I keep the cap on and put a grocery bag over that.lastly put my bonnet over that then go to bed (green house effect method )

Note: i apply oils bc my hair loves it and they promote growth (this can be optional). I will rinse out oils the next day.

3.I will try to do this at least 3x weekly and the oil treatment once out of the three days. On the other days just seal ends, spritz hair with water and do everything else the same.

You are welcome to post pics and report on progress here.

The true challenge for me is sticking to it!

Happy growing!!!!

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My hair LOVES oil

2. "Being natural must be the new crack cus im hooked!!"

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