Thank you for responding ladies. It feels great that I'm not alone on wanting and needing protein. There was actually a time when I thought I was protein sensitive, way before understanding my hair texture, porosity, density, etc.

I go in to the Salon next week for a trim and I know they're gonna have to take off alot but at least I'll be able to move forward with healthy hair. What I do hate is anytime I go in to a Salon and tell them to cut off ALL the damage ends, they talk me out of it and scare me of how short my hair will be if they do. Not this time.

Applying protein conditioner will be added to my weekly hair regimen for now on. Oh, and thanks for sharing the protein conditioner brands you all use too. Taking notes.
3c/4a, Fine Texture, low porosity, color treated, mod-CG since Jan 2013 Big chopped: May 2007

Shampoo: Yes to Carrots
Clarify: baking soda the. ACV rinse
Suave clarify shampoo ( product builds up on my hair very fast)
Co Wash: Tresseme naturals, Vo5 Strawberries and Cream
Mane and Tail
Leave in: tresseme naturals
Styler: As I am double butter
Or Aloe Vera gel

Next on deck: flaxseed gel, sheamositure enhancer smoothie, as I am co wash,