I surely can! I kind of stumbled upon a blog called One Good Thing by Jillee. She lives in the state I live in (not important, just a random fact). She's pretty funny and has all these homemade recipes for household cleaners, laundry soap (liquid and powdered), bleach alternative, mix to get the yellow stains our of your white shirts, the sea salt spray, facial cleansing wipes, homemade boogie wipes (how freaking awesome is that?!) and so much more!

One Good Thing by Jillee

Just click on the categories and explore to your heart's content! The recipes for some of the stuff I used here was under "Homemade Solutions." But she has a whole recipe sections full of gluten free meals, etc. It is a really well done blog.

Some other blogs I liked were:

Wellness Mama | Health, Nutrition, Recipes, Natural Living, Fitness

The Whole Crunchy Blog | Crunchy Betty
(^This website is where I got the idea to break some of my batch into pieces and store them in altoid tins for my purse, work, etc., so I'm not trying to lug around a block of solid lotion bar)

Little House in the Suburbs

Those were just some of the blogs I really found fun.

It all started with searching for recipes for OCM, so here is what I found on that along with the other more creative stuff!

Natural Skin Care: Oil-Cleansing Method : Nature's Nurture

The Oil Cleansing Method - A simple, cleansing facial massage for clear skin!

Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial for Beautiful Glowing Skin
(^Her site is pretty pimp overall)

Okay. Those are some websites you can play with until I can get recipes on here for you!