I'm a 2c/3a low porosity medium density and for me the SM smoothie was too heavy. I love KCCC but for me I find it pairs better with a lighter leave in (I use KCKT). However, I can only use the KCCC if I use a harder hold gel over it. If I don't, I get the poof because it doesn't have enough hold. I've had really good luck with the jelly-type products that give a hold somewhere between the KCCC and a gel like LA Looks. The SM Curling Souffle gives me great hold and definition but I recommend going easy on it until you find the right amount and use a leave in under it or it gets gummy/product-y. I also love Curly Kinks Coil Jam - it smells delicious and gives me the same definition but a slightly less stiff hold than the SMCS.

I've been CG for over a year now and still experimenting and trying to figure out what works technique-wise. The routine I have the best luck with for getting ready quickly is to shower in the morning, scrunch my hair LIGHTLY so it's really wet but not sopping, apply leave in and styler, plop while I get ready then diffuse upside down to dry my roots. If I'm frizzy or if dews are high I'll layer a light gel (Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle) over the top. With this routine I don't have a lot of frizz, my curls are defined and I have good volume especially at the roots which tend to fall flat by 10am if I don't diffuse.

Good luck!! I hope you find what works for you
Southern WI curly ~ mostly 2b/c with 2a/b underlayer and a few 3a curls on top
Low porosity, fine hair but LOTS of it!
Loves protein. Dislikes butters and heavy oils.
Working toward natural products and streamlining!!
Current Loves: JCCC, Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner, AG Recoil, CK Coil Jam