Hi Everyone! I recently transitioned from relaxed to natural August 2012. Since becoming natural I have found that my curls are very tight which I think is classified as 4A. When I wet my hair is causes my curls to drop but once it dries they get tighter. I'm a girl that needs a little bit of gratification in my decision so any tips on making my curls stretch?
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1. put this on the 4a forum, as you will get more answers, especially regarding styles there - this is the coloring forum
2. very tightly curly hair shrinks and accepting this is helpful to accept your hair and all of its characteristics.
3. I don't know what styles you wear currently, but have you tried stretched styles, like twistouts, braid outs or banding the hair while it dries? These styles will help you manipulate the hair to achieve the look you want.
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