I got a lot of similar comments as you did, some of the more frequent ones were;

"Grace you'd look so pretty if you straighten your hair"

"Grace you look so much better with straight hair"

"Grace straighten your hair, you look so much prettier"

These comments were from when I was in middle school carrying all the way to highschool, usually by a group of girls who were of the popular crowd that I never hung out with and had absolutely no right to say ***** about my hair in any context whatsoever.

It also was common when I was getting toward the end of my perm, where my curly roots were beginning to show, then they'd pounce on me once again saying that I need to do this and this and I'll then "look better" because to them, looking good meant being an oompa loompa colored brat, with fake nails, pounds of makeup and pin straight, overly damaged hair with tacky blonde highlights.

Other comments came from a former "friend" of mine when I first went natural, then went back to relaxed due to the flack I got from her.

-First day of college, show up to her house with newly permed and pressed hair-

Her mother: "Wow! I like this style a lot better than your previous one, looks so much better, much more feminine."

Ex friend: "Yeah, to be honest Grace I wasn't feeling the fro, I mean, you probably wouldn't have gotten any dates with that hair anyway, nobody likes Afros."

Hence why she's now an EX friend, there's also been comments from random strangers, the majority of the random stranger comments were more prevalent in Minnesota than my current place of residence.

-Cashier at Wal-Mart working Black Friday, when a random man walks up to me, makes gesture with hands-

"Hey, where's the weave?"

-Sitting on a baseball bench with my ex boyfriend when two kids on bikes drive by.-

"Look at all that nappy ass hair."

And that's it so far, aside from all the stares I get from time to time, but that's normal, I have a massive head of hair, ranging from 3b-4a and it gets impossibly frizzy, so I stopped trying to tame it the second time I went natural, lol. Oh, well, people are dumb, I don't let it get to me anymore, I just smile because I'm confident in myself to be who I am and that REALLY pisses the natural hair haters off. =)
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thats F%$#!* up but you have a good spirit and attitude

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2. "Being natural must be the new crack cus im hooked!!"

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