So I'm turning 50 later this month, and decided to take some $$ and treat myself to something to celebrate. (Or to help myself feel better, because despite telling myself I shouldn't, I'm a bit depressed about it.)
Yesterday afternoon I went to a med spa, talked to the doctor, and he injected Radiesse into the "parentheses" around my mouth. It really didn't hurt at all, but was numb for hours, similar to having been to the dentist. I was expecting bruising, but today I see none, just the two tiny dots of the injection sites.
And the grooves around my mouth are gone. Amazing. Radiesse is supposed to last about a year and a half, but varies by person. I hope I get that long out of it

The Dr. said I could benefit from botox in my forehead, as well as a filler (different type) under my eyes for my dark circles. None of this would be permanent, so would have to be repeated periodically to maintain the results. My budget doesn't run to that, but if I had the money I would probably do it all!