I was about to explode with angst and berate myself for being up at 4:24 am when I was going to go to bed at 2, but then I hovered my mouse over the time, and the date shown was Sunday, January 13, 2013. This knowledge brings me peace. The sun hasn't risen to the day yet, but even if I were to somehow manage to sleep till sunset and my parents weren't all OMGWTFCOMA, I'd still awake to the thirteenth day of the thirteenth year of the twenty-first century. This is special and I get to see it. It's my favorite number writ large and I demand the right to play with it!

I still have that pumpkin from Halloween and I'm thinking I might carve it in celebration. My parents and brother will be all ??? and I'll be like, "Cast your judgmental eyes elsewhere, heathens. I have spirits to invoke or something." I'll carve it with symbols of new beginnings, since 13's all regenerate-y and junk! Something about it being the end and beginning on calendars? IDK, something silly and mystic will happen even if I just have to gaze at the sunset and nod with a knowing expression on my face.

I could really use that new beginning right about now.

...It's a siggie.