For about two years, I have been going to the same salon to get my hair trimmed every few months. 11 months ago was when I decided to go completely natural, so I knew getting trims would be difficult. However, I figured to make it easier for everyone, when I would go to get my trims, I would straighten my hair specifically for my trims.

Just a few days ago, I knew I needed a trim; however, for the first time, I didn't straighten my hair. I decided to simply walk in, and hope one of the stylists would know what to do. I decided, why should I have to go out of my way every few months to straighten my hair, so a stylist can trim it. Once I walked into the salon, I spoke to the stylist. First thing I asked, "Do you know how to cut curly hair?" He looked at my hair, like it was something never seen before. It was second day hair, so nothing scary (lol). The stylist looks at my hair and replies, "Eh, I have never done curly hair, but I can try." That was a red flag. So I said, "Well, that's ok then I don't want you touching my hair, if you don't know what you're doing."
"If you come back in tomorrow, I have a girl who has cut 'spanish peoples' hair." I looked at him and said yeah ok and walked out.

I was so frustrated. 'spanish peoples' hair? What does that have to do with curly hair. I am not hispanic and I thought it was an ignorant comment. Curly hair shouldn't be based on culture. When I called another salon later that day, they were gonna charge me $60 just because I have curly hair.

My point is, us curly girls are oppressed. I still haven't gotten a trim because now I am paranoid that no one knows what they're doing with curly hair. On top of it, I don't feel that I should pay $60 to trim HALF AN INCH OF HAIR, JUST BECAUSE I WAS *BORN* with curly hair. I swear, we are oppressed and unconsciously forced to straighten, because it is easier for everyone else.

My question to you: What do you all think?
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Very sorry you had to deal with that but what you are saying has at least some truth. It's the corporate mindset that has fed into this mentality. I hear conflicting reports though whether straightening is all the rage. However, you are more likely to see curlies straightening their hair than straighthaired people getting a perm like the 70s and 80s.
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Yeah it isn't a trend for straightened people to curl their hair. My point though, I shouldn't have to pay more money to get my hair trimmed because I was born with curly hair. I understand straighten hair is easier to trim, but I shouldn't have to pay more bc stylists aren't trained for BOTH types of hair.