I ordered 7 of the ingredientstodiefor products and got them on Saturday. My biggest surprise is that they are really firm in consistency. I thought this was similar to a "soft" jello mold in texture. It was also "slippery." I know that they make products to order (not sure about the samples), so this might be the reason for the difference in consistency.

Should have read this thread before I tried this product. I used it as the second product on. Used the Curl Defining Gel with it. I don't think that I was careful enough with the product application to really review it. Because of the consistency, my hair looked like I missed pieces, when it was dry. It looked great after I diffused.

Today, I tried the Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel. It's the only product that has an almost "pourable" consistency. I was really careful about distributing it and using enough product. My hair isn't dry yet, so I don't know. I'll review all of the products after I use them a few times.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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