I liked it a lot but it dragged at times.

Django was out for self bc he had to be. He prbly would have shot Schultz in the back if it came down to it. Slaves were pawns of their master and couldn't be trusted to have each other's back. Hell, in the Nfighting scene, they were charged w literally killing each other.

The brutality of this movie will haunt me for a long time.

It was like some kind of really demented fantasy w a lot of bizarre Tarantino fetish thrown in.

Not to be crass but were those really Jamie Foxx's balls when he was upside down?

And do you think he consented to having the crowns on his front teeth changed just for the movie? Or was it just some kind of optical illusion?

About the slave women's hair: I don't think that it was really supposed to be looking any kind of way. it was just supposed to be slaves' hair...natural hair that they styled whatever way they could.

I have always said Samuel L Jackson is one of our time's most underrated actors. And I now feel that Jamie Foxx is also. They were both really outstanding. Actually everyone was.

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first bolded:

that's what i thought. i think it took schultz killing candie for django to really see he was on his side adn trying to help him. have anyman helping him was a strange concept to him and all he cared about was getting back the one person in the world who he knew did care about him. no time for frienships.

second bolded:

was his teeth crowned? i never really loked at jamie foxx that hard to notice.

third bolded: sammy dont get no respect!! i think jamie is more respected in the acting world. he does have 1 academy and 2 nominations to show for his talent. sammy got nothing!! has people not seen pulp fiction? black snake moan? jungle fever? the man is awesome!
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Yeah, Jamie Foxx (and Denzel) have those big Chiclet type crowns on their front teeth to close in big front gaps they used to have and were self conscious about.

But in the movie, Django had a small gap btwn his front teeth and his front teeth were chipped in the middle. Not his regular huge white teeth.

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