I use to love it when it was shorter but now that it's getting longer l'm having issues with it. I'm sure I'll get back to loving it, though, and these are just growing pains. It's just hard when I do WnGs and my hair is dry as ever the next day. Luckily, I've started putting my hair in 4 braids at night & my hair likes that. I'm very thankful for my hair, though, I do think it's lovely.
last relaxer: june 2010. bc: october 2010.
properties: mix of 3 & 4, high density!!, medium-coarse, protein sensitive, low-normal porosity, cottony, daughter S
hair likes: garnier pure clean conditioner, v05, water & olive oil...that's literally it. so far...
four fat braids every night; moisturize or spray w/ water, seal w/ EVOO every other night.