I can compare the two. The doc was smart. Django could have showed the same thing

Stepping out of character
Rememeber that when he did that (acting like he did on the road), the doc actually asked him to stop. That was above and beyond what he had to do. The doc thought so and so do I.

Staying in chararter when Sam Jackson
Again, I wouldn't him to step out of character. In the house, yes he had to behave a certain way. by the time he was with the miners, his cover was blown. We may have to agree to disagree, but he could have tossed those keys a key or something. No one was around to see it

The doc was smart
In my opinion, the doc came off as wise and Django came off as always using brute force. I'm just saying that I would have liked to see some character development.

The dog scene
there were other ways to show he was upset while staying in character. In fact, they did it with the doc. you only knew he was upset because of his flashbacks. He didn't step out of character and yet we knew he was upset.

i know it's a movie. I know I can't make QT write it the way that I want, I'm just stating that Django's character development was weak and he came off and too flat for my taste.