I tried using coconut oil for the first time today, straight out of the shower before my gel. I love how soft and shiny it is, but the curls are completely limp! Like I went from a 3a/2c to 2a/2b!! I did skip my curl enhancer because I didn't want to over product my hair, but I used extra hold gel.
Any other suggestions?
Hair Type: 2c3a/F-M/ii low porosity
CG newbie 12/2012!
Current products (and continuing to search):
-Cleanser- CurlySexyHair Curl Defining Shampoo (sulfate-free)
-RO/Cowash-SheaM Restorative Conditioner
-LI/enhancer- SheaM Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Gel- LA sport
-2nd day- Lush R&B for frizz