Revlon gel eyeliner. Comes w/ its own little brush attached and pot of gel. After you're done, you pop the tip of the brush inside its hande so it doesn't dry out. Goes on so smooth. Correctable/wipable for a couple of minutes after application, then sets to waterproof. Soft, rich color. i'm using brown, but there are three other colors and I plan to get all of them.
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Thank you so much for this recommendation! I had been using Mary Kay stick eyeliner and I hated it. The Revlon gel liner sounded interesting, so I picked up two today, brown and purple, and they're AWESOME. The color is definitely soft, so if I were looking for a dark or bright swipe of color I'd be disappointed - but for my 45-year-old eyes, it's perfect. It goes on so smoothly and looks great. Thanks again!!!
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