I really do feel your pain Samantha, but I personally think curly hair often does demand more work and time if it's skillfully cut and styled.

I have really thick and long, curly hair and understand that my hair is so much harder to manage than someone with thin, short, straight hair. If I saw me walking into some salon I worked in and wasn't used to really curly hair, I might just break into hives and faint. So I get that it could be overwhelming for those who aren't used to it.

The extra expenditure is worth it IMO, provided the person truly is good with curls.
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I get what you're saying. At the same time, my point is I shouldn't have to pay more for something I can't control. I have thick curly hair too. And I do get that it will take more time for a stylist because it isn't a quick snip like someone with straightened hair. But, I think it's BS for curly hair to be looked at as if it something so beyond controlled that I have to pay more for it. Like I said, I see what you're saying, but I am trying to look at the bigger picture of us curly girls having to go through greater hoops for simple things like a trim.