I've been a CG for 11 months and completely understand what you are going through. I sometimes want to quit it, but I am too lazy to go back to straightening lol.

I think, like korkscrew said, you should wash less often. Do you finger comb or use a wide tooth comb? Have u tried coconut oil? I personally love shea moistures curling soufflé. It has coconut oil in it so it is very moisturizing. I sometimes use it alone without any leave in. It leaves a bit of a gel cast once the hair is dry, but if you shake it out, your hair feels very well moistured.

Have you tried twisting? I personally did this, and didn't like the effect because it stretched my curls out, but maybe you can try this.

Also there is the plopping method. I do this occasionally. After a shower, I use only gel, run it through my hair, scrunch it through. After, I flip my head over, wrap a scarf (they make specific material for this method but I had to improvise) and wrap the scarf so my hair is literally sitting on top of my hair inside the scarf. I do it at night bc my hair takes hours to dry. In the morning, I let my hair out and the curls are moisturized, moveable, and very soft. I honestly recommend the plopping method.

Do you wet your curls everyday? I noticed that in the beginning of this journey, I wet my hair everyday and ended up with frizzy hair. I stopped wetting it on second day hair and it got a little better. Try playing around with wetting and not wetting on the days after you wash.

I am not an expert, still on this journey myself, but I hope some of this helps. :-)