Mine last at least seven days. The key to that is keeping my nails short - just fingertip length. I like that length anyway (short and square for a '40s sort of vibe) and it helps keep the polish from chipping off.

I also put on an extra layer of top coat at least once during the week, which probably helps.
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I also keep my nails at fingertip length but they still chip within 3 days tops.

What base and/or top coat do you use?

How much time do you leave between coats? I use Essie solid rock as a base coat and two layers of either Essie or OPI polish. I wait approx. 10 minutes between layers. I used essie's no chips ahead for a couple of months but I stopped using any top coat because I felt that extra layers made my mani chip even faster.

I don't mind tip weat but as soon as my nails start chipping I take the polish of.
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I use Zoya Anchor base coat, or sometimes an OPI base coat. I use Sally Hansen top coat (the one that you can also use as a base coat). I wait about two minutes between coats. I apply thin coats of color so sometimes I have to use three coats. Then I top the whole situation with a quick dry top coat - I think right now I have an OPI version.

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