I do have layers in my hair, but I have but so much hair I have to watch it. I have very thin hair(dense) so it looks at times like I barely have much hair from no volume . I do wash everyday, but I tried second day once or twice and omg what a mess! How do your guys do second day hair? I usually wake up with a poofy tangled mess so I have to wash to detangle. I use a wide tooth comb but I don't think its helping the case lately. I haven't tried coconut oil bc I can't find any in the area but I have been dying to. I have very thin hair so anything thick or creamy weighs my hair down horribly which is very aggravating. And I tried plopping once or twice too and that too was a disaster with my thin short hair. Also I wasn't straightening much at all but with all the bad hair weeks I couldn't take it anymore. I can't look too much of a mess as I am a receptionist, and just seeing bad hair day after another was depressing me!
Ill try the less washing but it scares me lol. I don't have much time in the mornings to redo my hair if it looks horrid with having to get little kids ready for school and always waking up with not enough time! (Not a morning person hehe)
Thanks for the help girls ill keep trying just a little longer!
(according to my hair analysis) [thought it was worst!]

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