I do have layers in my hair, but I have but so much hair I have to watch it. I have very thin hair(dense) so it looks at times like I barely have much hair from no volume . I do wash everyday, but I tried second day once or twice and omg what a mess! How do your guys do second day hair? I usually wake up with a poofy tangled mess so I have to wash to detangle. I use a wide tooth comb but I don't think its helping the case lately. I haven't tried coconut oil bc I can't find any in the area but I have been dying to. I have very thin hair so anything thick or creamy weighs my hair down horribly which is very aggravating. And I tried plopping once or twice too and that too was a disaster with my thin short hair. Also I wasn't straightening much at all but with all the bad hair weeks I couldn't take it anymore. I can't look too much of a mess as I am a receptionist, and just seeing bad hair day after another was depressing me!
Ill try the less washing but it scares me lol. I don't have much time in the mornings to redo my hair if it looks horrid with having to get little kids ready for school and always waking up with not enough time! (Not a morning person hehe)
Thanks for the help girls ill keep trying just a little longer!
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I get what u mean about the second day hair. I tend to wash my hair a lot bc by the second day it is a disaster so the answer seems to be to wash it. But honestly try washing your hair like korkscrew said, maybe twice a week or so.

Do you wrap your hair at night? Or do you at least put it in a pony tail so it isn't rustling around the pillow as u sleep? If so, you should try wrapping your hair with a silk scarf, or using a larger pony tail, so it doesn't rip hair, and put a big poof of your hair at the top when u go to sleep. This can help for 2nd day hair so its more manageable.

Unfortunately, I am still learning how to do second day hair myself, but I noticed a lot of women on here, just use a leave in to sort of refresh the curls. Also, you can try a lavender spray which is supposed to refresh the curls. Search the stuff on here to what is affordable, etc.

I do not know what brands that make specifically only coconut oil; however, the shea moisture curling souffle, is sold at walmart, target. I think they are now 10.99 but check bc they were for a while, 9.99. This is the closest for now that I can get to coconut oil since it is a predominant ingredient in it.

Lastly, I think the type of conditioner that you use as a co wash is vital. I noticed that the cheaper, more watered down conditioners I was using, made my hair bad on 2nd hair days. The more thick and better ingredient conditioners actually left my hair nice on 2nd hair days. So, assess your conditioner and see if maybe that could use a change. And concerning the wide tooth comb, do you comb your hair even after co washing? Once I got out of the shower, I used to put a little leave in and then comb again, and it made my hair worse. Now, even though it bothers me bc I see frizz and my first action is to run to the comb, but I am now only combing when I co wash and after that i leave my hair alone and simply use my fingers. Bc your hair is so fragile especially when nothing is protecting the hair shaft, so a finger is a lot more gentle.