I trim my hair once in a while, but only if I notice some subtle uneven curl poking out somewhere. I think you'll be fine trimming your hair. It REALLY is true that curly hair can be forgiving and an awkward snip here or there is likely not to show up much. It's usually only when you start trying to shape the whole head yourself (without having practiced it before, or without cosmetology training) that you risk a DEFCON 5 level disaster

Instead of doing an overall trim, I just go ahead and get a Deva cut every 6 months - and I do mean CUT, not trim lol ... cause my hair grows fast as weeds. It actually turns out to be a reasonable price because the cut gives me such great shape that I can go half the year w/out paying for another cut I love the fact that the Deva cut method is performed on dry curls. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable w/scissors approaching my head

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