I fogot the websites for some of the lotion bar recipes. For all but a couple of mine, I just spread it thin-ish on some parchment paper until it cooled, then broke it into little pieces. That way, I don't have to try and find a container that will hold a larger size lotion "bar" in my purse. I can make the container as large or as small as needed and replace the pieces as needed, too.

First site: I don't like her site overall because I'm not really into the whole Paleo thing, but it has some really good info with a slamming trick on how to melt the lotion w/ beeswax because it simply won't come off stuff you've used on it without some major, major effort. The mason jar idea with lid on top is ingeniuous and you can chuck the whole shebang once done if you were able to get them for cheap-ish.

Homemade Lotion Bar Recipe: All Natural and Easy to Make - Everyday Paleo

Site Two: Some really insightful ways that I like a lot.

Faith * Hope * Love * Happiness: DIY Lotion Bar Recipe (Or the post alternatively titled {How to Turn A Failed Pinterest Attempt Into A Semi-Success}

Site Three: Not such a fan of this except for the lotion bar recipe. But be warned, you need a scale to make this one.

HerbMentor News 73: Lotion Bars Recipe

**Once last thing on here, and I'm not sure if I mentioned it on this thread or not**

If you need to purchase products, I highly, highly recommend www.thesage.com. I happen to know her (worked for years with her sister) and she has only the best quality products and tons and tons of fun stuff on there like molds for soap or lotion bars. A bajillion containers. And great customer service! Love her!

Also, if you only have candelilla wax and not beeswax, you can use that for these recipes, it'll just turn a little harder and initially be a little greasier to rub in. Otherwise, it acts very much the same.