Stick To It Challenge
Choose 1 good hair care routine/regimen for 6 months and don't change it. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't change products. You can alternate between DC & PT etc as necessary but the routine should be consistent.

Starting January1, 2013 please post your regimen info, starting length & any other info you want to share.

If you fall off the wagon, no worries. Just go for as long as you can.

If you notice your hair doing anything interesting feel free to share.

PLEASE NOTE: Your chosen regimen/routine should be good. If doing the same thing for a month or so causes breakage, please make changes. No challenge is worth hair loss y'all.

Good luck!
Originally Posted by ss40
Starting length: collarbone length :T
Routine: buns buns buns ! Twisting at night and then put up in a bun for as long as it can last.

Products... uh, castor oil, olive oil, unsure about condish & dc, need to get a better one .

Good luck everyone !