My husband left a pair of his jeans on the floor of the living room. I heard the kitten scratching at them. When I got up to see what she was doing, I saw a pile of poop inside the jeans! Gross! (secretly, I'm glad that she pooped on his pants and not the carpet, was a lot o' poo! Much easier to wash the jeans than scrub the carpet.) I swear, that cat is cute but a little...not bright. I left all the doors open to the room with her litter box, so why she didn't go in there, I have no idea.
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are you 100% sure its the kitty's poop?

I think I just channeled OBB. When I read the above, the first thing that popped into my head was "Better to have Lindt balls than lint balls." Though if I had truly channeled OBB, it would have been lint-y balls. *sigh*
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so now when curlies see/think balls they think of me? OH YEAH