I am new to the CG method. I am between a 2b/2c/3a I think. I am having a hard time. I realized today as I was looking in the mirror, that my hair looked great. Like, best hair day ever, but I was still unhappy with it. Why? Because it wasn't a classic 3b/c type curl so many aspire to. Then I was reading a thread and I started noticing the avatars of all of you here in the 2's and I realized, TWO is the BEST. You can still straighten your hair without taking HOURS of work, you can have the beach wave look that's so popular, less frizz issues than the 3's...etc.
So, let me see that hair! Please! Convince me to keep going at this.
I wish I had taken a pic of my hair, but I got greedy, rewetted it some, to try and smooth out some problem areas, and ruined it completely.
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