Still loving OUAT!

I can't believe how much stuff happened this episode.

I hope Belle regains her memory or falls in love with Rumple all over again. It would be a disaster if she started to fancy Hook! Rumple would have to go through what happened with his wife all over again.

I wonder who the outsider is (who was driving the car that hit Hook). At first I thought it may be Henry's dad but then it seemed like Emma didn't know him. It also looked like they showed a flashback of him in FairyTale land but maybe I misunderstood it?

I still think Bay may be Peter Pan...

Poor Regina, she was blamed for Archie's death and now she isn't even dead. I wish the main cast would all just get together and defeat Cora! At least they can all be on the same side for one season :-)

Loved seeing how Mulan and Prince Phillip met. Loved seeing how Mulan and Belle met. I like how everything is coming together.