6 months ago I cut 6 inches off my hair because of 5 years of terrible care and bleaching/flat ironing/.washing everyday.. even then it wasent hard and crunchy like it is now! at first when i cut it my ends were baby soft. after like 3 months my ends started to get dry and crunchy.

I have tried wetting, moisturizing with leave in and sealing with sunflower oil. i have tried baggy method with leave in and then sealing. my hair feels great untill it dries and by that time it is very dry and crunchy/sharp like straw on the ends.i have hard water so i tried doing a joico moisturizing chelating treatment and washing out with the tresemme deep clean. (it said to wash with resolve but i dident have any)

i wash once a week with a mositure shampoo, i clarify every seccond week with tresmme deep clean because i tend to get build up. I use tresemme soft&silky silk protein conditioner for 6 months now.

It seems like as soon as my hair dries, it dries out. no matter if i seal. the only way i can keep my hair ends soft is if i tightly pack them in the inside of a bun , but as soon as they hit the air they are dried out. the weird thing is, i dont have hardly any split ends!