i'm really surprised psf stopped making that one skin cleanser. it seemed really popular. i had some and it did last a long time and was a good cleanser. psf is still in business. i like their salicylic acid. i still order it when i run out.

good point about leaving the cleanser on a little longer. i use my clarisonic about 50% of the time. whatever i'm doing now seems to be working but the thing is i'm not doing one exact thing. sometimes i use a scrub in the shower, sometimes i use a cleanser (no one in particular) and a clarisonic, sometimes i just use a cleanser and give a good scrub with my white towel. i also use salicylic acid most days and vitamin c most days. i'm drinking a ton of water, healthy teas and taking my usual supplements (multi, omega 3, viviscal, green tea extract, etc) and i've tried to cut my sugars from my diet.

who knows? i'll keep doing what i'm doing and hope my results stay the same.
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